I long for silence

In my soul

Succumbed to unquiet

Words from God

To correct my path

To make me whole.

2019 Rick Stassi

blue eyes


calming warmth
alights upon my heart
as wintry chill fades away
dissipated by your blue eyes
both of guardian and child –
one the author of love
the other the deliverer
in godly obedience.

…for Dana

2019 Rick Stassi

in God’s arms

Childe Hassam

Childe Hassam

the slowness of breath
in longest days,
protects and restores;
heart subtly seeks,
in beautiful ways.

alas dying leaf
signaling change,
reminds in colors;
texture of old,
my limited range

the sureness of light
in bathing love,
reassembles hope;
sepia dreams pass,
in arms from Above.