Hopeful Fall

degas autumn

Edgar Degas

Summer quietly comes and stays
exposing most of my restless ways.
Apathetic breeze blows without reason;
cringing heart decries this season.
I wonder if, after all,
my life will settle upon hopeful Fall.
And wringing hands of sultry ways
will cool with sight on cooler days.
Peace subsides with downcast eyes
as darker days mask bluer skies.
And a smile returns to malleable soul
as God Himself shall make me whole.

(c) 2017 Rick Stassi

Upon Grassy Knoll


Flailing arms
In a panicked sea
Determined currents
Fashioned for me.
Are there vessels
That purposefully float
On meaningful ways
Ushered by words God wrote?
Should I swim
Against icy torrent
Listlessly failing
All motivation spent,
Or calmly believe
Life for eternity
Is more than existing
In trifled monotony.
I weep for those
In existential pride
Who toil all their days
To hear purposed confide.
A whisper of truth
Flies far overhead
This moment’s reveal
Now left for dead.
And hope appears
On ancient scroll
That finds me at peace
Upon grassy knoll.

(c) 2017 Rick Stassi

love, faith, trust

I rarely feel,
in uncertain times,
I will see passage
to more forgiving climes.
Even knowing,
in steadfast love,
that passage begins
with descending dove.
Thus i forge ahead
where sea weds air,
and draw upon faith
for countenance fair.
But for closure to
this daily plod
it is trust that completes
this path to God.

(c) 2017 rick stassi

after death


There is mercy on the wings of a dove.
Alight! O Love, with peace to spare
darkened, cold, wintry plight.
How do eyes sunken in despair
see outward to jeweled sunrise
and know the hope of a new day?
There is joy inside, steeping –
ready to infuse all cells
with new life.
Just one drop of blood, one glance,
one touch of a hem,
gathers centuries of wandering –
wondering if my eyes should
ever meet the guardian eyes of God.
I can learn from others
who stubbornly plodded on
through one painful trial after another.
Diligent, or insane.

Can’t you see it is reasonable
to know Love is the cornerstone
binding the east and west wind
in a perfect crimson crease?
O cleave my soul with ancient ones
whose eyes serve as windows to where
I may look –
upon the Alpha and the renewal
of time with breath instilled
on silken skin no longer
writhing in tumult
but turning toward a new
daybreak of an age after death.

(c) 2016-2017 rick stassi



Camille Pissarro

i tend to think about some things
that lend to sprout of temporal wings
i float aloft in empty skies
dreaming of escape from miry lies.

there is death among such losses
led by which way the angry wind tosses
this spiral into endless chasm
heart hardened in infinite sarcasm

shall i break from where it’s dark
knees in prayer and humility stark
I find the way to softness and green
is to peer upon deep water serene

(c) 2016-2017 rickjstassi

“…God is good”