heat dissipates
warm nights recede to
coolness, stillness,
wisps of clouds
impede moonlight
in eerie veil.

breezes returning
to a cutting edge.
dew on grass
crystallizing as
the cog slows and
rotation finds respite
sadly moisture through
the veins of leaves
long has passed.

I sit and wonder
and ponder time –
cycles of seasons
over and over
sometimes barely hanging on
as unbearable is
introverted reasoning
mired in self-pity
gnawing at the core
of my being.

I cry for those
whose slippery grip
fails and thoughts
of failing overwhelm
and lies are hiding
the truth that succeeding
is in sanctuary
where in a second
the universe is
visible to the naked eye
because one takes the
time to sit with

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi


"At the Water's Edge" Paul Cezanne

“At the Water’s Edge”
Paul Cezanne

Off a frozen ledge
One drop of fallen rain
Slowly drips and
Freezes, adhering to another,
Then another
Forming an icicle –
A stalactite
Refuge for those
Who reach out
For fear of drowning –
Sliding passed water’s edge
Only to find
Their icy grip
Is slippery-futile
And immerse they must with
Heads submerging
Til the hand of Grace,
Is humbly grasped…

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi