"At the Water's Edge" Paul Cezanne

“At the Water’s Edge”
Paul Cezanne

Off a frozen ledge
One drop of fallen rain
Slowly drips and
Freezes, adhering to another,
Then another
Forming an icicle –
A stalactite
Refuge for those
Who reach out
For fear of drowning –
Sliding passed water’s edge
Only to find
Their icy grip
Is slippery-futile
And immerse they must with
Heads submerging
Til the hand of Grace,
Is humbly grasped…

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

2 thoughts on “icicle

  1. Hello Rick,
    Hey thanks so much for reaching out to Gary via FB about Ghana. I’m so glad you’re a fellow WP blogger! Lots of Jesus lovers here.

    Beautiful poetry, soulful truth!



    • Kelly-

      Thank you so much. I know there has been much work in Ghana over the passed years. With the world the way it is, sometimes we need to return to the victories in Christ that are blessings to all believers. I will build a page for Ghana updates 🙂 Love and Peace to you and Gary and I pray for God’s favor and protection over you.



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