What if Adam?

What if when God created Adam

He created all people as one.

Adam is woman,

He is Man,

He is all races,

All identities,

All preferences.

He is all pronouns and

All people that ever would walk

This world.

Can you imagine this


(c) 2022 Rick Stassi

lovely and true

grove of trees -Renoir

grove of trees Renoir

peace comes in drops of rain
light piercing in prismatic plane
with hopeful glances far above
He is near and cradles in love

when do we fill the gap of vanity
and overflow like tourmaline sea?
i ponder inward and see my flaw
knowing God’s restoration in awe

renewal waxes in unfurling leaf
soft green waves silent absence brief
my Creator will not leave my aching heart
He is watchful and shall never part

I hope someday I will see
into myself amber lens free
to see the possibilty of finding anew
what God has always seen lovely and true.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

treatise 2


Pablo Picasso

For now
we see through a glass, darkly;
but then face to face:
now I know in part;
but then shall I know
even as also I am known.

1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV

How I long to
See deeper into
My soul
To understand
How God sees me
And you.

Would I then
Learn to love
Even more
As I see
the depth of
His love?



"A Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny" Claude Monet

“A Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny”
Claude Monet

O aching heart
cleaves to dust,
sorrowful soul
soon must trust.

For I alone
can see a light
that prepares my steps
and gives keen sight.

I see your eyes
we walk along
for two now trust
a new sweet song.

then we three
cast off all weight
listening we tarry
eternal time ne’er late

see the fourth
downcast eyes
“come along!”
our deadened cries.

for they alone
must see a light
preparing a path
to know what’s right

O aching heart
cleaves to dust
sorrowful souls
soon must trust.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

Psalm 119

sand and sea



a multitude of grains of sand,
the willing swath between sea and land.
slowly, deliberately, refined o’er the years,
knowing land’s attempt to allay fears.

and within the million grains of sand
there are souls receiving a loving hand.
having seen tumultuous, tempting charm
now waves gently lapping upon, resting from harm

so God instills a brightened heart
in grains of sand gracefully set apart
to stand in the gap between land and sea
and reflect true hope, land’s desperate plea.

(c) rick 2014

cloudless skies blue


“He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked” 1 John 2:6 (KJV)

I peer inside from the outside –
It is cold out here and there is a fast-closing distance between us.
There within seen are familiar comforts I know,
Peaceful and pleasant is the unspoken invitation for entry.
Even if there were no light lit inside,
The room would be lit with eyes of love.
There is luminosity in love.
Illuminate me now.

What will I hear today? Craned neck drawing upon whispers,
Sitting at your feet, listening, pondering, relating…
Remarkable stories that seemed fashioned to my life
Following the curvature of a tired, albeit perseverant, inquisitiveness.

I learn in conviction there is no judgement,
Wisdom attained in agreement is self-reason gladly ceded,
regret is all surrendered, guilt to dust…
And I! What ask I? My questions always seem tireless and endless yet they tire you not.
As protecting shadows forsake huddled secrets deep within me.
Those things from long ago. Places untouched for many years, generations.
Or, tomorrow? The right and the left ahead blend into a straight.

All this I see with you. Your voice guides with gentleness and precision.
There is beauty in my glowing heart as wisdom is joined with humility
and delivered in love.
Straight to my core.

Warming fire rages –
O flickering hearth.
I daydream a moment, looking outside.
I love the days when the snow drifts high and the
Wind cuts clean and I am warm, happy.

Sanctuary, O my dwelling place, but now it is time to go.
So, I gather my things and step outside again.
Bones quickly chilled, but I have enough from you until next we meet.
Don’t want to overspend my time, I’ll come back.
We bid farewell with a parting comment:
“Come back and stay with me longer” lovingly is said.
“But I’ve so much to do” I saying sadly,
“Life is but to live, but I thank you for your time.”

Peering at the ground I miss your unchanged gaze locked on me.
In one last look, eyes intersect and something in your spirit,
Raises the hair on my neck.
I feel just now I am the only one to ever walk into these doors, to sit at your feet.
Surely there are more like me? But I feel so unique and loved so deep.
I am drawn back and you set a place at your table for me. You takes my things, offer respite.
I believe I will stay.

For in this place my perspective is new
Infinite and lucid, cloudless skies blue.


bound souls


Let this day
Bring hope, bring light.
Fortify me
To stand upright.

Let this day
See God’s eyes.
Pierce my heart
With truthful pries.

Let this day
Subtly speak
The voice of God.
Ear’s inclined, my soul shall seek.

Let this day
Feel His merciful rein
To lead me away
From darkened pain.

Then sunlight rising as
Pastel hue awakens sky.
Hope never capsizing
I shall not wonder why.

For beauty and wisdom lights
Upon the longing heart
Awaiting You, Father
Bound souls shant part.

(c) 2014 rick stassi

a rest deserved

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

wonderment glowing in
somber glances
reaching out to seek more
and more of that which shall
nurture a willing heart.
what, say I, plants this seed?
’tis the eyes of God
’tis the eyes of God

for indeed I
shall of sound mind
look beyond that
which I intend to fill.
what, say I, lights my way?
’tis the eyes of God
’tis the eyes of God

and steadfast
as I take this trek
from inside to
outside on to eternity
mind shirks the unfathomable.
what, say I, draws me afar?
’tis the eyes of God
’tis the eyes of God

resting now upon
grass and still waters deep
a loving gaze upon me now
O how warm and comfortable.
what, say I, casts this warming glow?
’tis the eyes of God
’tis the eyes of God


rick 2013

this slowing season

How lovely
How free
With You, God,
Cradling me
That I would know
Your warming glow.
To accept Your light,
Your heart,
Your Might,
Into Thee I press
My willing soul You do caress.

It perplexes my reason
For those who in
These shorter days-
This slowing season
Would resist
Foreheads gently kissed
By You Father…
As they grasp onto
Their will
Rather than indulge
Their hearts Your fill.

For merciful Lord
You will afford
The wiles of man
His boundless whim.
But Father let him see-
Let him know
That all Love and all Beauty
Rests in Jesus
His warming glow.



…to all I love – those I have met or have yet to meet!

their faces

Calloused and scarred, years take flight,
Heart reels in chaos and lightless night.
Yearning for comfort, Self shall try!
But even to Self, hopelessly awry.

As if a prisoner of Self, in a prison, Self made,
All hidden faces striving not to fade.
But Heart sees them, though be bound in meted gait
O, how long must he, this desirous Heart wait?

For this Heart it breaks for simple things –
Little birds with broken wings
And in the lightless night
Determined to instill hope to those contrite.

What makes our Heart desire simple love?
Maybe the cries of the hopeless below and above.
Seeing faces on flickering flame all around,
They but dance, so long, without word, without a sound.

So therefore a Heart with his darkened places
Confounding Self he sees their faces.
And drawing in a warming Light,
Enough to see life, O waning night.

And compassion staves off consternation
As Light ceases darkened expectation.
As Self, he slinks off, quietly defeated
And this Heart, O, lovely Heart, remains – repleted.

Never alone now, never alone.
This Heart knows Light that has always shone.
And for their faces, his compassion shall see,
A self-less plight, God’s grace shall be.
(c) 2015 rick stassi