"A Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny" Claude Monet

“A Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny”
Claude Monet

O aching heart
cleaves to dust,
sorrowful soul
soon must trust.

For I alone
can see a light
that prepares my steps
and gives keen sight.

I see your eyes
we walk along
for two now trust
a new sweet song.

then we three
cast off all weight
listening we tarry
eternal time ne’er late

see the fourth
downcast eyes
“come along!”
our deadened cries.

for they alone
must see a light
preparing a path
to know what’s right

O aching heart
cleaves to dust
sorrowful souls
soon must trust.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

Psalm 119

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