faithful return

"the sea at pourville" Claude Monet

“the sea at pourville”
Claude Monet

where are you?
peering deep into
shrouded nights
where a faint glow gives
a veiled glimpse of a recent memory.

upon a slowly passing
vessel i scarcely see
the soulful eyes
which have always
held my heart.

they seem sad,
those eyes, but
actually, they mirror mine –

“…for on the left shines love’s light
and the right, truth’s delight”

your eyes:
both never sad –
alas only mine forgetting…

so there you are
calling my name
bidding me welcome
from across the sea
where it is so calm

and willing
to accept my first step.
And I walk to you
upon the water

my eyes fixed upon
eyes that swallow all light
and are ever-knowing.

I come to you
I am home..


(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

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