all in a moment

"Abstact 84-14" Sean Seal

“Abstact 84-14”
Sean Seal

O depth of heart
where nice things linger
and ignite feelings of
lighthearted mirth and joy.
I know you are down there
with cause, busily lighting shadows
in corners of my core to produce
a time when dreams
brush with reality
and pique interests that draw me nearer.
The blush of rose on my cheek
and a chill down my spine
which is the binding of a book about
me, a wanderer through a moment…
take the time,
read me as I am happily read.
Then in a confused passing
iota of time as self-awareness
gets out of sorts and in a second guess
I submerge into the sea,
as Peter, so full of intention
yet lacking just enough focus.
It is me in my over-thought…
but presently, I am assured
of the one thing that always
comes to light and Wonder
meets this moment and the back of my eyes
feel my beating heart
and a smile emerges –
sun from clouds – as my heart has passed
from newly seen depths within
to the surface my expecting skin
the light a seed emanates
sown just for this time
when all is once again
well and I cherish the present
and have hope and desire
for a new time coming.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

a new day



Ebbs and flows
Of persistent swell
Old one out
Meets new one in
Pleasantries – a nod and a
Good day!

I too say good bye
To yesterday who
Is ever cordial
To today.
And all is well.
As smiling hearts
Always hold sway.

And steadily
Onward going
On delicate
Green paths
Under even greener boughs
Of whimsical,
Reflecting bliss..

Nothing ever,
I surely state –
Not even one passing
Breezy, flowing moment
Deliberately and purposefully
Bathing my face,
Appears amiss.

(c) 2014 rick stassi