all in a moment

"Abstact 84-14" Sean Seal

“Abstact 84-14”
Sean Seal

O depth of heart
where nice things linger
and ignite feelings of
lighthearted mirth and joy.
I know you are down there
with cause, busily lighting shadows
in corners of my core to produce
a time when dreams
brush with reality
and pique interests that draw me nearer.
The blush of rose on my cheek
and a chill down my spine
which is the binding of a book about
me, a wanderer through a moment…
take the time,
read me as I am happily read.
Then in a confused passing
iota of time as self-awareness
gets out of sorts and in a second guess
I submerge into the sea,
as Peter, so full of intention
yet lacking just enough focus.
It is me in my over-thought…
but presently, I am assured
of the one thing that always
comes to light and Wonder
meets this moment and the back of my eyes
feel my beating heart
and a smile emerges –
sun from clouds – as my heart has passed
from newly seen depths within
to the surface my expecting skin
the light a seed emanates
sown just for this time
when all is once again
well and I cherish the present
and have hope and desire
for a new time coming.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

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