all parts, one…

Paul Gaugin

Paul Gaugin

So conscious of time
Aware of my heart
Hearing the subtle breathing
Of those kept apart.

Do I really see
The crying soul
Longing to be embraced –
Can all parts be whole?

I beg the ability to view
The world from my beaten way
Where dust often clouds
True beauty’s array.

“The Breeze comes about and
Whispers upon amber shadows
Purposely kept hidden
In stubbornness throes…”

Says He,”You are a vessel of love,
On compassionate rise!
Alas, not to be tolerant,
But to embrace the depth of her eyes.”

For there I shall spy
An inviting hand
Longing for oneness
Of true love, my God’s command.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

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