i am sure the sun will rise
and awaken silent sleepy eyes
bringing radiant waves of light
warming skin cooled from the night

i am sure, as sure as can be
that rain begins upon the sea
giving flowers and grasses green
a glimpse of heaven, eternally serene

i am sure that God above
will complete me with abundant love
this confidence did come to me
from gracious gift and life set free

(c) 2015 rick stassi

This moment in time

Looking into the mirror,

Upon whom do my eyes see?

Do I see just a man?

Or an image of godly integrity?

What I see is the image

Of one who ebbs and flows like the tides at the shore.

Living in self-indulgence,

Seeking ever more.

But to Jesus I have pledged,

My life to evade.

This world of frivolity

And reach my perfected image made

I am a pilgrim in this time,

With gifts Divinely imparted.

To be the fruit of joy

From the vine our Father started.

Now into the mirror

I take a closer look to examine what I see.

The unique creation in Christ,

The picture is me.

There is the perfect Law of Liberty,

Written upon my heart.

The sign of an abiding Spirit

Sanctified, set apart

We are knit together – each of us

Believers of God in His way sublime,

I savor this moment,

This moment in time.

© Rick Stassi 2012

His Relevance

6 And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!” 7 Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ. Gal 4 (nkjv)

 The world confines and the world molds. We are born into a world that has notions, traditions, and ritual that we are inherently part of from the start.

The world tells us lies and it coaxes us into false serenity.

The world is beautiful though. This Earth. God has created a masterpiece of beauty unsurpassed by any replication. But, we are lulled into slavery of the ways of this world. It is false solace and fleeting peace. We are in awe of His creation. Are we in awe of Him?

We too are His creation we are the sons and daughters of whom God has called His own. As some stare mesmerized by the beauty of the world, they fade with the beauty before them. For all around us will fade. We who seek God call our Father Abba. He is relevant in our lives through His creation, but more so in His work in us. “..all things are possible unto thee…” Mark 14 . These are the words of Jesus, the Son who promised the Spirit would come into our hearts and help us connect the beauty of the creation with the wisdom and love of the Creator. The creation is relevant because it reminds us of our Father.

We cry out to Him and He answers. We are no longer captive, we are free in the ‘law of liberty’ written upon our hearts. We see God’s work on the Earth, in the heavens, and especially in our hearts. The magnitude of contrast is great. We are heirs to a kingdom where few will venture.

Is the world lost? The answer is obvious in that without hope and without a beacon of light to focus toward, we are left to the wits of the world. We are lost in the philosophy and notions of the world which pass and change, ebb and flow, and keep the lost captive. Holding tight are their ways. In contrast, hold tight to the God we can personally call Abba, Father. He holds us in His arms for we are the children of God and we are free from captivity like the exodus of the Hebrews from Egyptian captivity.  We are promised heaven eternal just as was promised to the Hebrews across the Jordan. The story of God is relevant to us. He is the master and we are His children. We are captive no longer. We look to the stars and we seek in our hearts and we look in the mirror: The image of God is all around us who will see Him. He is a relevant and caring Father. Abba.


November 2011