our Deliverer never fails…

We can understand why and how God is working in our lives. However, do we praise Him for these times He is working in us?

Vows made to You are binding upon me, O God;I will render praises to You,For You have delivered my soul from death.Have You not kept my feet from falling, That I may walk before God In the light of the living? Psa 56:13

How many times do I praise God during a painful trial? It is far much easier to fall into the depths of drama and despair. My human nature prefers this way. There is discomfort in trials yet it is in these trials I realize that God is working to perfect me as He has promised. In His perfecting process, I internally fight between trying to listen to what God may be saying and what I am feeling. Feelings are often my flesh speaking and will cloud my vision of God’s revelation to me.

God does not let me down – my feelings do. In my trial cycle:

1) Something in my life takes a downturn
2) I feel remorse, anger, or sadness
3) I plan recourse in my strength, then…
4) I remember God is working
5) I fight to turn toward Him

As David says in the Psalm: “Have you not kept my feet from falling…?” In other words, God has never failed me and because of this I can walk in His light in an otherwise dark world.

With His strength and through prayer for His discernment, I can learn to praise Him at the onset when my life begins to take a downturn. I remember that I am capable of going into downward spirals because my flesh sometimes relishes self-pity and the pity of others. This is not joyful and instead of always looking back and seeing all was for good, I desire to see the good and feel the joy as He works as well as after He works. I am blessed that He chose me and knows me in the light of eternity. I may still become mired in self-pity, as  I am flesh, but with self-awareness that I can seek the Lord and praise Him during any trial is part of my desire for godly integrity and a display of godly character.

Rick Stassi

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