signori sun

Loriann Signori

Away the rushing water sends,
Beckoned limits crushing ends.
Tumult stirs me in my sleep,
Drowning, falling, abysmal deep.
For just a moment if thoughts surmise,
Sudden hope shall draw my eyes.
Off on horizon’s razor line,
Penetrating light of eternal shine
Comforting call surrounds in peace
As God Himself instills release.

(c) 2017 rickstassi


faithful spring



cradle my soul
with thoughts of you
enlighten my sight
above crimson and blue

fashion my desires
toward seeing your eyes
deeply reflecting
comfort arise

how can I
among these masses
hear true love beat
in a heart as it passes

ground me forever
on growing warmth knolls
away from the tumult
of thrashing sopped shoals

and dreaming softly
of melody rising
resolving chaotic chord
our hearts thus apprising

so rest us now
away winter’s sting
as pleasing wind winnows
with God’s faithful spring

(c) 2016-2017 rick stassi

open door


I long to peer
inside your heart
to feel the things
that urge new start.
entrancing words
roll off your tongue
like the sheltering breezes
boughs hide among.
the imprint of wiser paths
across impending icy field
leads me upon stinging frost
with progress’ fruitful yield.
I yearn to see your face today
and know a warmth once more
to travel on my pilgrim’s path
and pass through open door.

(c) 2016-2017 rickjstassi

still water



O, to not peer
through tinted glass,
where thoughts are veiled
in vain morass.

does clarity rise
on ascending wings?
poor clouded mind
won’t allow such things.

and as I wait
upon green lea,
in still waters
my soul shall see.

(c)2016 emanatingjoy.com

outward days


how lovely these times
that I spend with you
casting out vanity
into deeper blue

and of these moments
O my arable heart
drawn in heartfelt smile
inner peace a part

sow into my deepest
and most awaiting soul
countenance anew
and angst now a lull.

and eyes turned away
to meet your gaze
working on my inner man
for my outward days.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

eyes of blue

berthe morisot

tiny steps on endless path,
dawn to evening epitaph.
sunset seems so far away
today, forever’s smiling sway.

summer day’s sudden demise
cooling breeze shall soon give rise.
first sight of turning hue
tomorrow, hints of days with you

At last reality comes of age
slowly winter’s clock turns page
my heart perceives eternal bliss
saddened fear of those I’ll miss

for oft I dream of eyes of blue
summer warmth in days with you
hands clasped in lovingness
sunset arrives in heart’s confess.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi