Within the core of my humble heart,
Desiring to be set apart.
When pure white dove does alight,
Born of God’s one true light.

(c) 2011-2019 rick stassi

rustling wind

Jasper Francis Cropsey.jpg

Jasper Francis Cropsey

sleepiness comes
to heavy eyes.
graying horizon
whispers retreat
as glowing sun
toils through
lingering clouds.
i welcome night
to rest again
and dream about
rustling wind.

(c) 2011-2019 rick j stassi




signori sun

Loriann Signori

Away the rushing water sends,
Beckoned limits crushing ends.
Tumult stirs me in my sleep,
Drowning, falling, abysmal deep.
For just a moment if thoughts surmise,
Sudden hope shall draw my eyes.
Off on horizon’s razor line,
Penetrating light of eternal shine
Comforting call surrounds in peace
As God Himself instills release.

(c) 2017 rickstassi

faithful spring



cradle my soul
with thoughts of you
enlighten my sight
above crimson and blue

fashion my desires
toward seeing your eyes
deeply reflecting
comfort arise

how can I
among these masses
hear true love beat
in a heart as it passes

ground me forever
on growing warmth knolls
away from the tumult
of thrashing sopped shoals

and dreaming softly
of melody rising
resolving chaotic chord
our hearts thus apprising

so rest us now
away winter’s sting
as pleasing wind winnows
with God’s faithful spring

(c) 2016-2017 rick stassi