Plein Air 10

Plein Air 10 Artist: Sean Seal

O green is the grass where I sit-
an oasis in the sand.
Have I had enough time to
store inside this now tepid vessel
enough of you to stave off creeping dunes?
Remaining memory lingers yet melody fades…
I remember each day calling-
asking your hand and
asking your eyes to watch me –
to strengthen me.
Bolster connection.
Remind me of the real reasons
for life and death.
For life found but shelved
gathers dust.
Let me hear your voice and
let me move each limb to the
sweet song you sing.
I am willow-lithe in your presence.
Move me gently in your flowing breeze and
move my feet – one in front of the other –
for in your way
I learn anew
each day
even in the fragility of
my attention span.
…and my weakness turns to strength and
I learn to walk –
Returning to you once again.

a rest deserved

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

wonderment glowing in
somber glances
reaching out to seek more
and more of that which shall
nurture a willing heart.
what, say I, plants this seed?
’tis the eyes of God
’tis the eyes of God

for indeed I
shall of sound mind
look beyond that
which I intend to fill.
what, say I, lights my way?
’tis the eyes of God
’tis the eyes of God

and steadfast
as I take this trek
from inside to
outside on to eternity
mind shirks the unfathomable.
what, say I, draws me afar?
’tis the eyes of God
’tis the eyes of God

resting now upon
grass and still waters deep
a loving gaze upon me now
O how warm and comfortable.
what, say I, casts this warming glow?
’tis the eyes of God
’tis the eyes of God


rick 2013

this slowing season

How lovely
How free
With You, God,
Cradling me
That I would know
Your warming glow.
To accept Your light,
Your heart,
Your Might,
Into Thee I press
My willing soul You do caress.

It perplexes my reason
For those who in
These shorter days-
This slowing season
Would resist
Foreheads gently kissed
By You Father…
As they grasp onto
Their will
Rather than indulge
Their hearts Your fill.

For merciful Lord
You will afford
The wiles of man
His boundless whim.
But Father let him see-
Let him know
That all Love and all Beauty
Rests in Jesus
His warming glow.



…to all I love – those I have met or have yet to meet!

dark and light

11 If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me.
12 Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.
Psalm 139

So in the light, fear dissipates.
And darkness is forgotten – as dusk berates .
We seek that which we can touch and feel…
Yet tend toward darkness – and things unreal.

But we are reminded that all left unlit
Will still be searched to drown the unfit.
As the God we know sees little difference
In Him, whether dark or Light, all makes sense.

For we walk by faith and not by sight

Therefore daylight blends into the night