Plein Air 10

Plein Air 10 Artist: Sean Seal

O green is the grass where I sit-
an oasis in the sand.
Have I had enough time to
store inside this now tepid vessel
enough of you to stave off creeping dunes?
Remaining memory lingers yet melody fades…
I remember each day calling-
asking your hand and
asking your eyes to watch me –
to strengthen me.
Bolster connection.
Remind me of the real reasons
for life and death.
For life found but shelved
gathers dust.
Let me hear your voice and
let me move each limb to the
sweet song you sing.
I am willow-lithe in your presence.
Move me gently in your flowing breeze and
move my feet – one in front of the other –
for in your way
I learn anew
each day
even in the fragility of
my attention span.
…and my weakness turns to strength and
I learn to walk –
Returning to you once again.

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