picasso peace


hasten toward peace
acquaint yourself with
this way of silence

hearken the voice of rest
let reason fail
and your heart soften

peer with eager eyes
into the light
shone of breath and life

hear melodious passage
it brings metered beauty
upon ears wanting

allow summer breeze
she will warm you
and prepare you heart

seek eyes of God
for He will hold fast
a gaze of lasting love.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi


degas-sky study

Artist: Edgar Degas

it is unsettling
in this moment,
that i should be
vain in thought.
is contentment
water so deep
and air as still?
maybe this is
a time to breathe
and prepare for
an approaching
breeze held aloft
by summer’s warmth
urged by spring’s

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

your touch




O, do you still see
roses standing fast
in the garden
without tears but
bold and brave.
there is nothing
but fragrance left
in those old blankets
folded neatly beside the bed
where you slept.
they are just
as you left them.
the room is still untouched
because he fears
tidiness may cause
a wrinkle in your memory.
even a little matters.
he at times struggles
existence without you.
a tear from heaven
far down
to his cheek
it is a reminder
to last forever
in your touch.

(c) 2016 rick stassi


van gogh

vincent van gogh

it is important
to love and
to hold tight
the smile of a
to breathe in trees
of the forest
cherish the hug
of someone
i love and
to listen
to the melodic
of a determined rill
for i am loathe
to let the dark
clouds of the everyday
shadowed valley
delay progress
toward the mountain top
surely i can
gather all
critical points
in life which
lined up shall 
make beauty
shine bright
and emanate
all goodness

(c) 2016 rickjstassi