August Renoir

There is true love in your eyes
embracing fear’s present demise
how can a gaze hold me so dear
answer escapes upon single tear
closing walls looming close
pending sunrise casts off morose
holding on to what is said is true
time anew begins with you.

(c) 2016-2017 rickjstassi



Mary Cassatt

pull me,
i am on a string.
i float and follow
your whim.
trust allows
free from friction
and physical restraint.
you are effortless;
the lovely breeze
i ride upon-
in and out
of obstacle
and distracting
words that hope to
steal bliss
and build contrite
i know trust-
it is soft down under a wing!
it lifts me from shallow waters
into deep pools
of wonderful renewal.
I am one
who sees your eyes
as beacons of light
protecting from
crags long eroded
by relentless sea.
my soul eroded
heart rests assured now
in perfect harmony
with you
who knows
and sets balance into
my life.
-and I look inward
to call your name
so outwardly I
am fading away
no more.
-and i see your face
in a reflection
more clear
in these days
of love,
of trust-
pull me,
on crimson thread

(c) 2016-2017 rickjstassi

a walk


Pierre-Auguste Renoir

I don’t recall the morning.
when optimism cast a new light
over old trapped memories
dragged day to day.
a beast of burden –
sturdy legs to carry
a prisoner’s bundle,
but too weary
to carry peace.

shall i seek an open door
to enlightened mirth?
frivilous hopeful meander
to where prudent path
veers to faithful chance…
angst is bid farewell,
step leaves no impint,
and joy is a whisper
and a delightful sigh.

(c) 2016-2017 rickjstassi

savory sweet


van gogh

Stream winds so pure and clear
lovely path throughout the year

Where from does this rivulet meander?
And how does it avoid harsh arid slander?

I beg to know this stream of life
Endless source to ease my strife

 As a tear you shall always go
Upon the mountain’s cheek so slow

You are not of this world lovely stream
Not from yarn, legend, or even a dream

You are a divine droplet making its way
Winding downward without fear nor sway

Water replenishes me in graceful rebirth
With purposeful joy o’er saddened earth

For continuous and ready are your reserves
Gathering salt of which the soil preserves

This salt shalt ne’er have flavor lost
Just as endless stream flows from redeemed one’s cost

Preserve and replenish, these two shalt meet
The endless stream, savory sweet

(c) 2016-2017 rickjstassi



Van Gogh

I cannot remember yesterday
nor fathom cold breath tomorrow,
as happiness cedes in hopeless ways
soon illuminating all my sorrow.

i wish i could gaze into your eyes
while walking in overgrown wood
then maybe as one we’d fantasize
and see less fortunate ones for good.

days fall forward in cascading rills
burdened heart empty and forlorn
but sprouting from the early tills
a seed from where i’ve been born.

(c) 2016-2017 rickjstassi