Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
John 14:6 (NKJV)

a certain question with the answer a certain evasion
it is man leaning upon his wisdom
with his inner self wearily burdened
as he seeks this question of all times –
a question he seeks all his life: “what is truth?”
and  with self-certainty and determination
he prods for the one answer through a limited, desperate means,
that we who are God’s children see in an instant

So then to gain life we must lose our own.
how can something be gained when it is certain it must first be cast off?
this wisdom is higher than man’s limited means but it is God’s truth.
for we leave a life in shadows for a life in Light
and this new life is full of vigor, this new life is goodness
refreshed and renewed each and every day
there is joy in our heart, in this new life
O Lord, the thanks we give You

Yes there is a sure and certain way
A path worn into the dusty earth by the sandals of Jesus,
loosed and baptized, wilderness tested, we know to follow His way
but how far Lord? to crucifixion’s certain end – our dread?
crucifixion is resurrection’s certainty  – our beginning and surprised joy.
it now seems so natural and we try not to reason, but just follow, the glory of  God is at hand!
He shows rebirth unfurl to new life
with loss of the past a certainty  – fear and grieve not.

Struggle is certain for man so keen with driven wit
in finding answers to his one consistent question:
“what is truth?”
truth is at a point, on top of the highest mountain
where we certainly shall find God – together
let us all look to Him from the place we stand
in agreement, with many eyes fixed, for He has our best interest
and shows us life, truth, way through His love.

© 2013 Rick Stassi

For God So Loved…

Pray for:
Pastor Saeed Abedini – persecuted in Iran

Unity in Christ Jesus

Music Credit: TriUne-Echo


a video by rick stassi

copyright 2013 Rick Stassi


…and this One

And this One shall be peace. Micah 5:5 (NKJV)

and this one shall be peace
a bit of love
from friend to friend
finds a warmth receive and send

and this one shall be peace
a kind word for they on the lane
we know not their suffering
we know not their pain

and this one shall be peace
my eyes to God
in earnest seeking
His guiding nod

and this one shall be peace
to count all blessing
each a pleasure
surely know we are God’s treasure

and this one shall be peace
to be know with trust so sure
that we shall walk
in love so pure

and this One shall be peace
Jesus Christ, Saviour, Lord
blood on tree, spikes and jeers
This One is peace for all of the years

© 2013 Rick Stassi

Love Completed

And indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind.
There was no profit under the sun. Ecclesiastes 2:11 (NKJV)

and indeed toils for naught
retrospect sought
we seek certain pleasure
in life by world taught

and when we peer
upon life’s year
grains of sand through hand falls
with sadness and a tear

but what shall profit be
under sun? God voice in thee:
toil not but reap from the Wind
My voice first, start from Calvary

for blood has left stain
sin’s scream of pain
from Son of Man
all therefore not in vain.

pray first from heart
as our soul doth part
from toiling plow
to purest love, Lord, Thou art

emptiness we try and see
is in our soul away from Thee
You Lord we wish at hand
and love then comes completedly.

© 2013 Rick Stassi

O Sparrow Adorned

Flitting, chirping, singing
Not a care for anything,
Adorned to perfection, nary a need,
Provision thus a wing and a seed.

Do you know a free heart and feel things true?
“I see the morning sun and new settled dew!
I am feathered, non-tethered, unfettered, unrestrain’d
Adorned in all ways and in all ways trained.”

Do you receive love sparrow, into heart so bright?
“I know not of love except my Father’s Light!
I look not to the morrow only today
Either rain’s drop or sun’s ray.”

Who takes care of you, O sparrow, pray heed?
“I can only attest, I have what I need.
From God, adorned to perfection
Wings and a seed, a simple reflection.”

O’er clouds God thus intervenes
With wisdom and gentle thought He gleans
Gather wisdom from the sparrow about love
For it is Me who loves all things, from above.

If I can adorn the birds who shall fly
Then feeding and clothing, they sweetly get by
So, now tell me now of your hindering quest
My child, so precious, yet with pondering unrest?

I fear at times, Father
When I am too low to bother.
I forget of the birds, all adorned
With all they need, pray my need ne’er scorned.

Be still and tenderly know,
I am God of all ages
All questions with answers
All battles and rages.

I love you now, cast off pride.
Whatever your need, I will provide
Adorned to perfection, wings and a seed.
If so the birds, then thee, trust My lead.

© 2013 Rick Stassi


A Whimsical Walk on God’s Path

Please read, it will make me happy.

Jesus, Light of the World

In Him was life; and the life was the light of men
And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not
John 1:4,5 (KJV)

I wake up and it is dark. I fall asleep and it is dark. From darkness to darkness I spend a moment in my life and it is a good day. Each day stands alone. There is a new beginning and a new end each day as I walk through my life in these increments. Looking backward and looking forward, constantly evaluating, upturning stones. It is my way. Smiles from the past and hopes for the future. I am always revisiting my first encounters. Wife, family, God. The encounters came in that order and it was as God planned. I see it. I see His footsteps when I look back into my past. They are as pronounced as ones that have just walked through…

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