everyman’s dream


Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Draw me near
liquid green field,
my frailty certain;
torn heart concealed.

Cast away
fear of darkness
with eyes fixed inward
soul wanders relentless.

Lead me now
to God’s own eyes.
Of everyman’s dream
in azure skies.

On and on
in tepid night,
O peace whom I seek
behind first light.

Then off in flight
as Cygnus often should.
Remind me, O Lord,
all things work for good.

(c) rick stassi

in subtle times

Mary_Cassatt_-_Picking_flowers_in_a_field_--_1875 (1)

in subtle times
angst prevails
inner voice cries
trust is tested.

in subtle times
voices are quiet
melodies listless
hope is tempted.

in subtle times
God is watching
strength is remembered
praise uplifting.

in subtle times
drawn on faith
smiles from heaven
resting in the Lord.