time remembered

Edouard Vulliard

Edouard Vulliard

The stillness of deep black
space void of sound save my
own heartbeat.
Such a dark and vacuous ocean
waiting for one
piercing ray of light
permeating from some distant star
long dead.
Patient for my choreographed
dream sequence where
soul separates from
temporal vessel and
seeks eternity while
waiting for time
to cease at exactly
the point where expanding meets
contracting – or the apogee
of a ball thrown straight up
in sweet times of
carefree and childlike clamor.
But time has become exhausted
from endless trips around
a face of segments aware that
all is not lost.
Without time.
For the darkened veil rents
revealing gilded paths embedded with
sapphires and rubies.
Wisps of lavender breeze
and a warmth that emanates
from a love-laden heart
inside the breast of a King
who without a sound whispers
afterlife into a dream
-a memory-
but He bids farewell, for now.
And morning comes with
lark and mist
and pleasant dew
upon yawning saplings
and the hopeful greatness and
eagerness to face a new day
with morning’s sweet
melody waking me from deep slumber
to a new time I shall surely remember.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

trodden path

upon a well-trodden path i stroll
pick a pebble from nearby knoll
i place it in my pocket deep
as a memory is a treasur’d keep

each new day my pocket bears more
all tiny stones from times before
but many more shall come my way
each moment lit in Spirit’s ray

one pocket full, to the other less weary
a satisfied life in a deep-stone quarry
O how I dream forward and rest in the past
but most of all, it is today I wish to last

pockets now full on comes beckoning sleep
feeling tired, so on to respite deep
looking upon my stones to recall
a life God gave – now to Him I fall.

(c)2015 rick stassi

new life


leaves unfurling
in new life
born upon generations
fed by roots which
in great wisdom
have seen many
come and go
but it all hardly matters
as it is forward for a
soft leaf in a new time
ingrained with promise
steeped in legacy
all with new purpose
for a season
that springs upon
the grays with hues
of pastel and the
green of unfurling
new life.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

pity the poor wind

dark wind above obscuring light
with frenetic pace laden with futile might
coursing seen as purposed and wise
means chasing ends in limitless tries
as death deceives on a blustery trail
those yearning for hope only to fail
catch my hand you in scurrying fright
let’s sit upon tufts of reason’s delight
hold my hand to deep water we go
still and mirrored, imperfections show –
dreaming, swimming in depths unseen
places our soul surely has been
and with you i sit on velvet lea
green as green – a grassy sea
i’ll tell you tales of weathered life
and we’ll talk of God and goodness rife
and you and i will gaze as one
to the heavenly eyes equaled by none
somber stillness deep into night’s end
and silently weeping I pity the poor wind
(c) 2015 rick stassi

graceful path

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse

Beautiful is this path unfolding
Before each step with
Purposeful glances
Left and right, hope and trust.
Would poppies draw close my thoughts?
Or soft green grass beneath my feet
With souls upon cloudy landing
Each step imprints a day…

Or a moment
And I see a fair
Beauty in your soft eyes
Gently caressing away
Almost forgotten times
Such peace with you here
I am whole and poppies grow
Just as the birds fly
Without care for tomorrow.

And you speak
Into my longing heart:

“You are as the grasses
And birds flying about
The floating clouds and
Lowing cows of spring.
Summer rains nourishing, cleansing
With Winter’s dreaming
Upon shorter nights
Diminishing fears
Anxious not for
Days not yet here.

For only I know tomorrow
And your time is now
In lavender breaths
Lovely and beautiful
Walking steadily forth
On graceful path.”

(c) 2015 rick stassi

with love


The cause of mercies that settles nigh
The pause of goodness that oft passes by
What shall I see in awaken’d times?
The rise and fall of harmonic rhymes
For all I embrace is the breath of life
Casting off all clinging strife
Here now my wanting eyes meet
The One who is about Mercy’s seat
And I know my walk is worth more
Than vain promises at enticing door
God sheds light upon this deep season
For I see goodness inside and outside of reason
Forward moving in fearless gait
Knowing purpose rarely arrives late
To heaven i gaze upward again
Only to find eternity already abides within.

(c) 2015 Rick Stassi