greener days


Paul Klee

On greener days
I rest in light
of radiant warmth
respite til night
joy parallels
symphonic rise
and I’m content
with angst’s demise

On greener days
i cannot grieve
the hidden things
and dying bereave
and if suddenly
they should arise
I’ll turn my thoughts
and close my eyes

On greener days
i will give praise
for grand escape
from rankling malaise
and look into
your loving glance
for paths on lea
and joyful dance

(c) 2016 rickjstassi


Alley at Chantilly


alas the days of a saddened heart
carrying remnants from times apart.
can you see the contented way
with love to fulfill, fears to allay?

your strings need mending, O saddened heart
the fruits of your spirit striving less tart.
optimistic melody should make you smile
and i shall follow your dreams for awhile

dry your tears my dearest core
there is love to bind us always and more
and should you doubt this path from sorrow
a chance anew shall arise tomorrow.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi