for we who cry

In the day when I cried out, You answered me,
And made me bold with strength in my soul.
Psalm 138:3 (NKJV)

Who do we fool? What fears we mask as we seek. Primitive reason lurking about our minds…

We have a refusal to think outside the plane that is endless in all directions – infinite really. Is it because we are finite and dare not venture out of comfortable places?

Why do we seek for the endless and settle for the end. Our means thwarted by a consciousness stopped short. It make no sense to look at the stars and clasp shut our thinking lest it is unbearably challenged with things beyond the stars – before the stars. We want peace and we want love and yet we deny the very One who will freely give these things. Our means always justify our end, because we make it that way.

What is desire? I wonder. I mean our desire for depth not the superficial. It is hard for us to let go of these things that we believe in. These things that we clasp in our hands day-to-day. All soon are gone. The crushed petals of a flower held tightly in our clenched fists. Soon gone…Yet we shall not budge from the stubborn hold on our way. Man would rather  deny God to clasp unrealistically where he finds comfort. Adventure is lost but so much more: full life is traded for petals soon faded.

These things are what we are accustomed to. Yet isn’t it odd we are drawn passed the stars on clear cool nights? Then thoughts of eternity turn to our purpose and our purpose turns to our reason and then we stop. There is no ladder than can reach the stars for the man who will not let go of himself. We must ask beyond our reason.

Jacob asked, he wrestled with God. Are we any different? Who are You God? Show Your face and make me a ladder that spans God and Man – eternal and temporal….

So He answered for we who cry out.


this sound

Hill Sunset

Artist: Sean Seal
“Hill Sunset”

“How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” Psalm 137:4 (KJV)

How shall I sing praise
In this strange place?
To souls ever harried –
To a condescending race…

How shall I love
Those buried so deep?
Cynical eyes turning to the
Deception where they sleep…

How shall I be
A light of good hope?
When all whom I greet
Are tethered with rope…

How shall a man
Like me, I believe,
Tell of Your grace Lord?
To those worthy of reprieve..

Yes, how shall I sing?
In places so dry,
Unlit and barren
In Your strength I shall try.

I shall offer, love offered me,
To sing a song of grace to those all around.
Echoing in alien lands and pilgrimage stands –
So absolutely beautiful, this sound


who I am to You

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

Who am I?
A man who is destined
To love others?
Seeing their shallow face
With life’s thieving toll,
Still loving their deep rooted soul.

Who am I?
A painter of pastel
Colors on paper but
Seeing glances fleeting…
Eyes looking elsewhere,
Should my heart really care?

Who am I?
A writer of words
Graphite on papyrus but
Seeing an interested few.
I seek satisfaction that an interest brings.
Should my depth and desire stray from these things?

Who am I?
A player of music
Notes in the air and
Seeing ears turning
To others, elsewhere.
O fortify my desire for Your gifts to share.

Here I am Lord, with eyes upon You.
A listener of Your depth
Approval from man
Matters little yet still – seeking it each day.
But, to You I am approved and thus committed,
Realizing all Your gifts You have submitted.



"Green Sphere In Watercolor" artist: Piotr Siedlecki

“Green Sphere In Watercolor”
artist: Piotr Siedlecki

Spherical are my eyes.
I view inward and see my core.
Roving thoughts, depth is measured
Years attained and those to be,
Retrospect and future, I shall e’er explore.

Spherical is my soul.
Perfectly round circle – radius extends .
Rotating around my vertical axis.
Circle to Sphere – death to life.
Spirituality, inner Spirit mends.

Spherical is my world
Views from all sides.
Backward outward,
Forward inward,
Faithful Truth never collides.

Spherical is my faith
In one God ever so keen.
He is the One who helps me progress.
To live in abundance and no less.
O, on His shoulder, ever I lean.

Spherical is my Life
Once a circle lay flat, devoured.
But a tear from heaven
Fell upon me
To remove all things that had soured.

Spherical is my Love
Yes, my love, Love is my Lord.
He is the source of all I am.
He proves it to me ever and always
Upon His stream lovingly I am allowed to ford.

Spherical is my Joy
Emanating in all directions
Constant interaction with good and bad,
Constant compassion for happy and sad.
Dynamically growing for all these intersections.

Concentric then are all these spheres.
My eyes, my love, my life, my walk ne’er harried.
All built upon a single point and…
I, tied with embryonic-to-eternal string
which God has authored, nurtured, and e’er carried.

© 2013 rick stassi

Eternity Sought

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“Rural Valley”
artist: Sean Seal

Dear Eternity-Seeker,

I feel have come to the end of my wit! What is reasonable to me is fleeting for you. But I will persevere in my persuasion to walk with you as you seek. Consider the Word on which I base my life:

“…to establish you and encourage you concerning your faith…” 1 Thessalonians 3:2

Yes as the mountains have bases and the stream-beds are rock, I too rest on He who will not shift.

I implore you hear my word. On a foundation of Rock shall I establish my stand as I press ever further into stone. There is a hard, impenetrable wall on all sides. So, I ponder, how else would I establish anything in my life? Only on the immovable and steadfast. Many descriptive metaphors I and others use, just the same,  all have praised the Father without end. But each day is new praise for a new day. For what I may say and how I may praise, may be seen by you, Eternity-Seeker. I pray you listen and watch. O, how I pray it so. Let my words be fragrant and established securely in Christ, my Cornerstone. May His words come into your reason and light a path to heaven.

So, Eternity-Seeker, you stand before many paths. Looking and wondering. There is curiosity of what may lie around the corner. So much work to keep trying a new path over and over. But I admire your tenacity rooted deep in your soul. You shall see, for I see now! I read on your face confidence, but I see chaos in your soul. It is so frustrating that you are persuaded to join those who tie a ribbon around all paths to eternity. But what sense, really, is in that? There is an intelligence you must find, I too know that desire and requirement. I encourage you now only as I now am established. Choose a path, Eternity-Seeker. Time runs late.

So, friendly Seeker, regarding your choice! Does reason only travel to the end of your mind? You and I both know that is limited. Thus ponder a bit further: what if there is a God who created all things? I think we all know love is a banner flown in the lead of all races. But we also know love displays yellows, greens, reds, and blues. All adapted to other seekers like you. Choices in free will. But curiously I ask. “How do you view grace?”

Yes! How do you view grace, kind Seeker? I imagine you must believe all born from the womb are born initially of goodness. I am certain you blame the coexistence with other seekers who will sneer and steer one to abject badness. If you are good already, think of the relative goodness that all men possess. Remember, to many, love is the root of the  tree of mankind! What of the man beside you? His goodness is as good as your own – and your own? Yet he chooses to mold his goodness around his ways and wants of life. Reeling desires are drawn close through this adaptation. Don’t you do this too, lovely Eternity-Seeker? I wonder if you really believe all are born of goodness or can you see it a convenience to fall in the shade of the tree where fruit is recycled yarns and tales and opinions from others trying so hard, avoiding… How do you find and stand upon the shifting sand? I leave you to your wit for mine is surely spent.

But consider this beautiful Eternity-Seeker:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16

Take those words and pack them like the bread you consume each day. But instead of on your back, wonderful and blessed Seeker, place then in your heart: hidden for all times. When you come to a wall that you may not pass along your ill-chosen path, use those words – over and over. For you, Eternity-Seeker, are pre-destined to find His eyes of Love and build a house on solid ground. God has put the desire in you to see His countenance at all cost. You know that. I knew that too. Never stop until you arrive. Eternity awaits…

Kind Regards,


Jesus died to dry our tears

“…and thou shalt smite the rock, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink…” Exodus 17:6 (KJV)

Lord, my Living promise, my Cornerstone and might

In dark places, how I lean into Your Light.

Let my heart shatter for what breaks Yours.

Your Living Love and sustaining peace, beckons and implores.

Lord, Your love is unequaled and covers me, one who once could not see.

Now You are my Rock and my life’s foundation: my eternal Strongtower.

The ground I seek today shall be at Your hem.

My will is a stone that has shattered within.

You are the Water that gives all life.

I sacrifice myself so many have joy, hope and beauty rife.

Lord, let them drink! I pray my cup runneth over.

I am blessed by focused sight and willing ears. I pray now their heart’s recover.

The sweet, sweet sound of the saved heart. O, Let it reach my ears.

For  Jesus died to dry our tears.

October 2, 2013