this sound

Hill Sunset

Artist: Sean Seal
“Hill Sunset”

“How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” Psalm 137:4 (KJV)

How shall I sing praise
In this strange place?
To souls ever harried –
To a condescending race…

How shall I love
Those buried so deep?
Cynical eyes turning to the
Deception where they sleep…

How shall I be
A light of good hope?
When all whom I greet
Are tethered with rope…

How shall a man
Like me, I believe,
Tell of Your grace Lord?
To those worthy of reprieve..

Yes, how shall I sing?
In places so dry,
Unlit and barren
In Your strength I shall try.

I shall offer, love offered me,
To sing a song of grace to those all around.
Echoing in alien lands and pilgrimage stands –
So absolutely beautiful, this sound


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