who I am to You

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

Who am I?
A man who is destined
To love others?
Seeing their shallow face
With life’s thieving toll,
Still loving their deep rooted soul.

Who am I?
A painter of pastel
Colors on paper but
Seeing glances fleeting…
Eyes looking elsewhere,
Should my heart really care?

Who am I?
A writer of words
Graphite on papyrus but
Seeing an interested few.
I seek satisfaction that an interest brings.
Should my depth and desire stray from these things?

Who am I?
A player of music
Notes in the air and
Seeing ears turning
To others, elsewhere.
O fortify my desire for Your gifts to share.

Here I am Lord, with eyes upon You.
A listener of Your depth
Approval from man
Matters little yet still – seeking it each day.
But, to You I am approved and thus committed,
Realizing all Your gifts You have submitted.


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