"Green Sphere In Watercolor" artist: Piotr Siedlecki

“Green Sphere In Watercolor”
artist: Piotr Siedlecki

Spherical are my eyes.
I view inward and see my core.
Roving thoughts, depth is measured
Years attained and those to be,
Retrospect and future, I shall e’er explore.

Spherical is my soul.
Perfectly round circle – radius extends .
Rotating around my vertical axis.
Circle to Sphere – death to life.
Spirituality, inner Spirit mends.

Spherical is my world
Views from all sides.
Backward outward,
Forward inward,
Faithful Truth never collides.

Spherical is my faith
In one God ever so keen.
He is the One who helps me progress.
To live in abundance and no less.
O, on His shoulder, ever I lean.

Spherical is my Life
Once a circle lay flat, devoured.
But a tear from heaven
Fell upon me
To remove all things that had soured.

Spherical is my Love
Yes, my love, Love is my Lord.
He is the source of all I am.
He proves it to me ever and always
Upon His stream lovingly I am allowed to ford.

Spherical is my Joy
Emanating in all directions
Constant interaction with good and bad,
Constant compassion for happy and sad.
Dynamically growing for all these intersections.

Concentric then are all these spheres.
My eyes, my love, my life, my walk ne’er harried.
All built upon a single point and…
I, tied with embryonic-to-eternal string
which God has authored, nurtured, and e’er carried.

© 2013 rick stassi

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