picasso child


the sun is far
the moon awry
on a faraway beach
does my heart lie.

where is my true love?
night vessels have passed
aching core realized
this may be my last.

how does a dove
in mourning so sweet
lament a new day
prior to wing’s beat?

and I peering out
of windows of yore
cast older things
upon distant shore.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

newer times



rest not on blessed
light shone of candle
moonlight over tepid sand
laurels of relief
and times of brief
succession from angst
prayers answered riding
miracles over seething
writhed calamities
bursts of happiness
or sudden awakening.

rest in hands that hold
heartfelt echo’s ripple
brushing your soul
in all times comes
whispers of love and comfort
and into tree hollows
certain ashes arise
where reason collides
to see rainbow
resolved onto
newer times.

(c)2016 rickjstassi





fairer into further lands
sea ecapes to
horizon’s hands

all inside awaken me
ascending dove shines
times to be

if my place is among the air
and I soon may rest
without a care

I long to see the eyes of God
Everlasting, loving
beautifully unflawed

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

sun’s ray

the bathers

“The Bathers” Pablo Picasso

all life is reduced
to a final gasp of air
a handshake with the atmospere
a pact of unsavory fare

i saw a desperate shine
in your eyes soon fade
approaching your Jordan River
a call you could not evade

I’m sure you questioned why
heartfelt deep inside
and then to God above
now with Spirit to confide

beckoned from mother to child anew
in ethereal play
my memory reflects sadness and joy
warming like a sun’s ray

(c) 2016 rickjstassi




Airy notes of a scale
lay flat as melody fails
to stir sonic waves
Sentry clefs survey respective
staff lines avowing
harmony is imprisoned as
silence is foremost
Spirit arises
as temporal dies
Awaken music
Lift ye all tones and
come alive in
resolving chords
Rousing chorus is
pure euphony
Life is soul
heart is passion
spiritual streams
incline empty boats
beautiful symphony
aural sensations
risen from my mind
to rebirth of heart

(c) 2016 rickjstassi



if I should see as God does see,
surface colors would disagree
but a spectrum of inner light
would soon flood all my sight
causing release anxious sigh
binding embrace alluring tie

eternal love shall e’er hold sway
Light is darkness’ painful dismay
Forever now is horizon’s draw
Anxious ice in springtime thaw
Hold close all children dear
Pressing in to He who’s near.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

peace is…

peace is a mist
rolling over succumbing shore

peace is warmth
enveloping my sweet evermore

peace is serenity
tranquil times with God above

peace is a smile
resting in our Lord’s love

peace is you
your heart with me

peace is trust
hopeful eyes of certainty

peace is hope
dreaming of tomorrow
forever forgetting
yesterday’s sorrow

(c) 2016 rick stassi