"Moonrise Over St Germain" Paul Klee

“Moonrise Over St Germain” Paul Klee

what in life amounts
to enough when
the flesh craves more
and tries to strangle
spiritual sensibility
and coax breath
from a well intentioned heart?

how do I know
when it is time
to fully engross
all aspects of
my life into the
eternal atmosphere Who
waits and watches?

let me turn to rising mist
and join the clouds
to rain all that i
know is goodness
into the hopeful
open hearts
of the flora and mosses
looking up in thirst.

let my soul
join with my Savior
to walk
from Alpha to Omega
and truly understand
that I have failed to realize that
the time is now…

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi


Camille Pissarro "Autumn Morning Mist"

Camille Pissarro
“Autumn Morning Mist”

The canvas awaiting the artist’s brush
Which seems to tarry without a rush
What anguish waiting to be born
A bland field of white so forlorn
It is clouds that veil the sullen heart
The early morning darkness not far apart
I wonder why there is empty reign
Not hurt, not sad, just apathy’s pain
So cry I must out into the dark
To bring life upon that which is stark
And answers come in predawn mist
Patient forbearance presence enlist
And as I obstinately covet my vanity
In silent prayer, to God I plea.
Answers come from a loving hand
Self pity evaporates as sunrise planned
I beg for that time when my senses awaken
With eclipsing light and new life unshaken.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi


"Der Weg ins Blaue" 1934 Paul Klee

“Der Weg ins Blaue”
1934 Paul Klee

Return ecstatic heart
Why did you go?
Bring love to my voice and
Beauty sought from my open eyes.
Cold blue rhapsody turned
Warm and wanting.
Uncertain waves on
Fine grains cause
Ripples and ridges
Carved into my blank expression…
Come to me apathy –
So I may see my enemy!
To look straight in your eyes.
From beyond wooden door always ajar
Invite me in to sit
And wait midst warmth
For blue rhapsody
To glow warm in
Loving ember
When I turn again
To loving eyes
That shine ecstatic
Deep into my soul
Making me whole.
Rhapsody blue
Patient always,
You wait…

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi