…o spare me, LORD, o spare us

“IT is by the grace of God that ungodly men are preserved from instant death. The sharp axe of justice would soon fell the barren tree if the interceding voice of Jesus did not cry, ‘Spare him yet a little.'”

Charles Spurgeon

I was once lost and now have direction on a path to God.

The path was always under-foot,  but my distracted eye prevented me from seeing.

My arrogance prevented me from hearing Jesus’ cry to spare me.

My ego provided sufficient obstruction to prevent me from opening the door where my Caller was knocking.

How many more of us will wait? The knock at the door is beckoning us to open our heart to Him.

Heed Him in your quiet place…but share with your brothers and sisters in encouragement and joy.

Show your faith in Jesus so all may see.

Emanate the peace of an abiding Spirit for all is well in our lives with Jesus with us.



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