Love for All

And as I raise my eyes and look at the environment surrounding me, it therefore looks different. I live in a personal world, and God is dealing with me not for a few short years but forever. And I can make different value judgments as I look at the world because I understand that reality does not exist only between birth and death. A personal God is acting in a true history that goes on forever.” – Francis A Schaeffer

Therefore why do we worry and fret over things that absorb our lives and feelings everyday? I need to remember all is good in God’s love and through Jesus we are set apart in God’s love as heirs to all eternal. God’s grace is truly our blessing and I need to live in Him today and everyday.

As long as I live in a fallen world, I am subject to fallen people. Even Christians are subject to revisiting our fallen nature and we can hurt and be hurt. It is in this pain that we are being refined and in this refining process we have joy because God is working in our lives.

So I try to look at the world through the perspective of eternity and then I can love when my personal reasoning says not to. If I can see others through the eyes of eternity and the eyes of someone who is blessed to be in a refinement process by God Himself, then I can truly love as Jesus commanded. Today this is my prayer for me and all.


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