we Christians, our passion

~ To burn with joy my soul was made.
To burn yet brighter still!
The all-consuming fire of God
Ignites this burning will.
A will to love, a will to seek
To glorify the King,
To find my whole and perfect joy
In Him through everything.

by Mary Decker

South Africa 2011

I am inspired and encouraged in the prose written here. The core of encouragement is to be part of something bigger and to share in a greater, united, passion. Our passion is in our love for Jesus Christ. In this passion is a thirst to become whole and complete in Him. We will and must wait for God to complete us. But I pray, as Mary says, that “the all-consuming fire of God Ignites…” in our hearts personally and corporately. For we are Christian and we have passion for Jesus. let us be of one accord and focus on God first. Peace and love to South Africa and the rest of you!


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