O Dark Clouds of Nurturing Water…

He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.
 Ecclesiastes 11:4 (KJV)

I am born of God as He formed me in my mother’s womb. I am sanctified in Jesus Christ and nurtured each moment by the Holy Spirit. I spend days in the warmth of the light He provides and my nights in rest He gives. I am truly blessed by the Lord. To Him be all glory.

I sing songs of worship to honor the Lord. It is His delight that my heart leaps toward Him as He beckons. These are great times of spiritual prosperity. I see my Lord and hear His voice. I gather with His other children and praise Him as one Body. We are the Bride who greatly anticipates but is patient for the return of the Bridegroom. I know with all of my heart His return is imminent.

I am patient and I am loving. I seek out the poor and the hopeless and offer bread and life for I know I can lead the lost to Jesus. The Spirit abides. Father open doors.

O, how I dream of a walk as stated. Lord, I confess I am not perfect and fall short in many ways and at many times. But, I know You love me.

Many times I watch the wind rush through an open door and continue watching as it slams shut. A missed opportunity. But, I know You are patient with me.

I seek the strength and wisdom to walk the straight path. A place where I can have focus on the Lord and still run to a crying heart, a hungry soul. “I can do these things”, I ponder watching the drifting clouds. Time passes and soon opportunities will pass too. Conversations about how I will change and how I will act soon will fade without the following response to God’s beckon. For He gives me ample opportunity to be a great husband, a steady and nurturing father, a lover of many souls.  I should not tarry much longer or I will be a tree that falls north, and stays. (Ecc 11:3)

The day of judgment will come and I will wonder why I didn’t respond always. God speaks and I hear and I watch the rain fall and the wind blow and Spring comes, there is not a harvest. Well, maybe a small one.  My desire to do more is great but my feet are sometimes in a boggy mire. Free my feet, O Lord. I hear Your voice. I am tired of just desire and wish to sow for a fruitful harvest. I am a man of many words and want to compliment these words with action.

Action is my response to God’s speaking. Response is being in God’s will and walking the straight path He has laid out before me.  My one goal is to respond. If I do, my heart is set in its proper place. Intention to respond is not of God’s will. It is hearing and not acting. Good intention is watching the clouds float by without sowing. “Where is the fruit?” the ones of good intention cry at the time of harvest. There is none. But, God loves me and He is patient. He continues to try.

I have received many gifts from the Lord. I pray I will respond now to His voice. I must sow seed into my marriage, into my children, my faith…. I must offer an olive branch to my enemies a loaf of bread to the hungry. A kind word to the hopeless. Yes God asks me to do this. Will I respond? Or will I continue to watch clouds pass, darkened, as they are filled with an abundance of rain. They are ready to nurture with water the seeds I plant. I plant because my good intentions have turned to action therefore there will be a harvest.

I have hope because I listen to God and this is the best first step. I will respond or I will realize the consequence of a sterile harvest. I will try to be a man of godly integrity. I hear You Lord. Let the harvest come and the seed planted bear fruit. Let me rest assured that I need not see the harvest always, but have a smiling heart of joy that You will. Fortify my family. Be our center, God. Our core is the Spirit that emanates to others but especially to each other. Husband and wife, Father and son and daughter.

For good intention is listening, acting on that intention is response. O dark clouds of nurturing water. Let me watch you rain. Spirit nurture the seeds of a responsive intention. I hear You Lord. Amen

Rick Stassi

July 8, 2012

Re-blogged 2013

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