His Comfort is Ours

For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.
Ecclesiastes 1:18

David pens from his heart set in the foundations of time with words everlasting:

“There is nothing new under the sun…” [1]

And so there is not. The dilemma of man is to seek in his own limited perspective. It shall fall short. For man shall discover that which already is set by God waiting to be discovered. In man’s attempt to gain this wisdom he finds:

“…for one discovery they make that is pleasing, perhaps, they make ten that are displeasing…” [2] Matthew Henry

So for one room wherein a light is turned on to see its contents, there are ten other dark doors waiting to be opened. The seeking of knowledge is engrossing but shall frustrate for without the infinite wisdom of God, we shall forever seek and never find. So, I wonder what do we seek? I believe it is man’s dilemma in his godlessness to seek the end of infinity for he is terrified of that which he cannot see. He may not admit this, but his soul is placated in the comfort of believing a solution around the next corner: then the next. But alas it is endless and futile. Man believes wisdom shall deliver, but soon sees placation vanish and frustration appear. This existential approach to God frustrates as man reasons: Love for the romantics, passion for the artist, and sentimentality for the sorrowful! I pity poor man in his reason. It is in vain and it is false for in Christ, these things are all accompanied with wisdom.

He is the Light above all lights, brighter and with incandescent clarity. God promise wisdom in exchange for reverence. [3] He gave us eternity in exchange for our hearts. He gives us grace in exchange for our ear. The ability to have faith is attained through reason. Yes we can reason there is God. Open your minds to listen, you who are non-believers. The wisdom given as we fear Him, shows plainly we are contained in seeking. The containment is still infinite for such is an attribute of God – contained in our hearts with infinite wisdom and love. He does not cease in feeding wonderment, nor satisfying curiosity. But, frustration is lost as infinity is contained in width and breadth of Jesus Christ who is within our core. [4]

Let your seeking go on forever but with the knowledge that infinity is contained and an end is in sight. God promises we will rest in heaven. Not in frustration, but in comfort that we have discovered our insatiable desire to learn now has a stream of unending wisdom. The stream is fed from above where we know we shall soon recline at the Source. Let man show off his knowledge. But pray for his frustration. He is on a path of the unconstrained infinite   and surely will go to his rest in sorrow.

Pray for he that cannot allow his reason be swayed. God is truth and He is all wisdom. His comfort is ours.

© 2013 Rick Stassi

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