their faces

Calloused and scarred, years take flight,
Heart reels in chaos and lightless night.
Yearning for comfort, Self shall try!
But even to Self, hopelessly awry.

As if a prisoner of Self, in a prison, Self made,
All hidden faces striving not to fade.
But Heart sees them, though be bound in meted gait
O, how long must he, this desirous Heart wait?

For this Heart it breaks for simple things –
Little birds with broken wings
And in the lightless night
Determined to instill hope to those contrite.

What makes our Heart desire simple love?
Maybe the cries of the hopeless below and above.
Seeing faces on flickering flame all around,
They but dance, so long, without word, without a sound.

So therefore a Heart with his darkened places
Confounding Self he sees their faces.
And drawing in a warming Light,
Enough to see life, O waning night.

And compassion staves off consternation
As Light ceases darkened expectation.
As Self, he slinks off, quietly defeated
And this Heart, O, lovely Heart, remains – repleted.

Never alone now, never alone.
This Heart knows Light that has always shone.
And for their faces, his compassion shall see,
A self-less plight, God’s grace shall be.
(c) 2015 rick stassi

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