candle in your soul

A Petal Artist: me

Artist: me

And always I shall listen for You,
in the still of night and morning’s dew
O joy that rises with the sun,
it is to Your arms I now will run.

for trust and hope clasping hands
are the calming breeze – that faith commands.
my angst-ridden soul begs begone O fear,
knowing Love eternally near…

I look at you with godly adoration –
your eyes draw light – emit elation
I try to peer into your core
your guarded eyes permit a little, no more.

but I know your stillness, it runs deep
lying in your restful angelic sleep.
and run no more in circles, I,
no broken heart nor tears drawn nigh.

Because for whom do i cry for tonight?
an elated soul that draws sweet light?
more fool I to spurn my trust
that also He has raised you from the dust.

so your eyes, an entrance to your heart
little child, I dare not part
from one who deeply wants love real
I’ll try, I’ll try,  I’ll try to feel.

“bright and shining” is your name –
your contemplative  sight explores the same
and I strain my eyes to see you more
O your gaze, your eyes implore.

God ordained we should meet
and a life to spend just at His feet
so I will trust the solace your eyes emit
for I know a candle in your soul is lit.


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