azure seas



holding your face in my hands
i gaze into azure seas
deep and vast
portals to your imagination
and glimpses into your dreams.
there is a serious
wonderment and a revealing
serious contemplation of
things only you know.
i will not ask in
as just knowing you
are within a moment’s adventure
is satisfying enough,
my lovely light.

You do no less
with your love.
allowing my dreams
and my thoughts to
wander about
circumventing all creation with
nations and oceans and mountains
and stars…
and with certainty
to alight
on your hands – my face
held gently as i gaze into
azure seas
deep and vast.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

candle in your soul

A Petal Artist: me

Artist: me

And always I shall listen for You,
in the still of night and morning’s dew
O joy that rises with the sun,
it is to Your arms I now will run.

for trust and hope clasping hands
are the calming breeze – that faith commands.
my angst-ridden soul begs begone O fear,
knowing Love eternally near…

I look at you with godly adoration –
your eyes draw light – emit elation
I try to peer into your core
your guarded eyes permit a little, no more.

but I know your stillness, it runs deep
lying in your restful angelic sleep.
and run no more in circles, I,
no broken heart nor tears drawn nigh.

Because for whom do i cry for tonight?
an elated soul that draws sweet light?
more fool I to spurn my trust
that also He has raised you from the dust.

so your eyes, an entrance to your heart
little child, I dare not part
from one who deeply wants love real
I’ll try, I’ll try,  I’ll try to feel.

“bright and shining” is your name –
your contemplative  sight explores the same
and I strain my eyes to see you more
O your gaze, your eyes implore.

God ordained we should meet
and a life to spend just at His feet
so I will trust the solace your eyes emit
for I know a candle in your soul is lit.