azure seas



holding your face in my hands
i gaze into azure seas
deep and vast
portals to your imagination
and glimpses into your dreams.
there is a serious
wonderment and a revealing
serious contemplation of
things only you know.
i will not ask in
as just knowing you
are within a moment’s adventure
is satisfying enough,
my lovely light.

You do no less
with your love.
allowing my dreams
and my thoughts to
wander about
circumventing all creation with
nations and oceans and mountains
and stars…
and with certainty
to alight
on your hands – my face
held gently as i gaze into
azure seas
deep and vast.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

3 thoughts on “azure seas

    • Thank you (: It is how I felt when looking into the car mirror at my daughter Phoebe’s eyes in the back seat. It was somehow relaxing seeing her in deep thought. She does that a lot. Like she is off in other worlds…Then, the second half is my acknowledgement of God’s allowing me to roam in my own contemplation. Yet He is there for me.

      It is like children playing. There is enjoyment and comfort in watching their interaction. I wonder if God takes comfort watching His children in our daily life…

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