powder blue

There is softness in your touch,
O Lord, gently urging our rest under
Powder blue upon velvety green
That flow to one another
Meeting at one decidedly
Straight line –
Our perspective horizon.

Do you believe our hearts,
Are connected?
Across waves of blue
Through gentle white bursts
Of moisture laden
Ships of the sky.
Always watched with
Ethereal nurture…

Yes, hearts bound
By a single thread –
A seamstress dream.
Our hearts, and many others,
Floating about like
Flits of light
Angelic fireflies
Interacting, loving, caring…

There is softness in Your voice,
O Lord, with gentle causal tone
Directing us to rest
On green velvet,
Me and you,
Under powder blue.

“…for those who believe as one”

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

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