the sea

Emile Nolde

Emile Nolde

“what is truth?”, cries the sea to sky
separated only by the horizon so wary and wry
who hears this poetic query many a day
from those who wish to exist not in dismay

so many transient things that seem so proud
even the sea shall nourish the cloud
limitless sky absorbs all who leer
upon darkness above with unknown fear

“our existence is no mystery” muses ardent sky
not looking beyond our self is why we die
for a thin line separates sky and sea
presenting one choice for eternity

and if we should step aside our tears
maybe truth would transcend our fears
then surrender in humble times of woe
would lead to respite and hearts shall grow

so ponder now deep transient sea
and pray for those leering to be
because truth that is found upon dark nights
is horizon’s revealing of eternal lights

(c) 2015 rick stassi

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