with clouds

monet 11


though darkened glass fails to show
optimistic smiles and hopeful
strides in life on the
other side where childhood is
never ending even as age lurks about
seeking a foothold in the heart
and soul aside from
his already mortal stranglehold
on the flesh.
with darkened mirror
heart and soul fail
to connect to the golden fields
and the armada of billowy clouds
giving the sun periodic respite
while parading in fanfare
of ethereal melody
upon breezes of beautiful
dynamic blissful life.
shall I see my face and forget
or shall I see the face of God
and remember that the temporal
vessel we reside within
will fade as jonquil upon the
river’s edge but the soul
overwhelms all still life
as glass elucidates with
true glowing faith
and reveals all good things
on fields of gold
with clouds

(c) 2015 rick stassi

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