a time before

artist: loriann signori

artist: loriann signori

where would I be
if not with God?
entrenched in cunning vanity
on worn saddened paths.
I am overcome by my plight
of undisciplined boldness
wrought in self might
leading to thorny briar.

O, I can ponder the
ends of the night sky
wandering in emptiness
based on vain premise.
thoughts of grandeur
born so courageous
as a naive child –
even now i close my eyes.

Thoughts of dread invade
and curse darkness in night’s cry
a fleeting moment of wonder
and tears of sorrow meander down
pale countenance with embedded scorn.
black holes and evolution
mean so little to a lost soul
and a broken heart.

that was then, a time before
when hope was suffocated in burden
and a candled lamp was not yet seen
fed by oil of the Spirit beautiful
and one Word changed it all
’twas to love always with lovely call
and beauty rides on wind and sea
so then grace reigns ever o’er me.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

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