Artist: Me

Faded are midnight glances back upon yesterday’s moments. Time, diligently and cruelly, selfishly tries to drive my focus to the future to leave a painful moment behind to feed time’s avarice and draw me reluctantly into the past. I don’t believe in time, as such, anymore, as a temporal moment of trifling pain is cast away, a gap is surely created where I choose presence with the Lord. He is a God of grace and will give His heart and mercy in these moments. We don’t defeat time by adding years, we are victors in how we use our time with God. We transform.

Does a flower languish in angst when a petal fades? There is hope as a flower sows seeds where it stands. As with the dry fields who shall return green and new. All is not lost. Actually all is hopeful as the green grass and the sowing flower. We transform daily – the fading mirror becomes just a bit clearer. Time fades but is not for loss. The moments we spend in God’s presence surely helps us fade to bright light. We watch as moments fade away anxious to remain audience to those desperate for anything to hold onto – even passed time. Not I as yesterday’s time has faded into a memory with a small reflection of who I was then fading into who I am now.

(C) 2015 rick stassi

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