…an “affectioned” love

Stand fast therefore in these things and follow the example of the Lord, being firm in the faith and immovable, in love of the brotherhood kindly affectioned one to another, partners with the truth, forestalling one another in the gentleness of the Lord, despising no man.

Polycarp 10.1

Letter to the Philippians

This verse is written by Polycarp between 110 AD and 140AD. It is an excerpt of his letter to the Philippians serving them in encouragement in the same spirit as Paul’s epistle. Polycarp was born in 70AD when the temple was destroyed and was a student of John.

Heed the words spoken for they are true. We desire to “stand fast” in our faith. Our example is in the Lord of which is immovable. The departure of our desire to remain steadfast in Jesus, is the creation of a man-made fissure between God and ourselves. This is sadness. This fissure is bleak and dark.

His words are endearing: we love our brothers and sisters “affectioned” to one another. This is a love that is deeper that a surface love can fathom. Remember this: we love those who are in one accord in the partnership of our lives together in Christ. We are knit together at our hearts to one another and physical distance is no hindrance. The world is small so seek out the beloved believers in our precious Jesus wherever they may be. It is the season in which we must encourage one another in His love. Peace today in Jesus.

Rick Stassi

October 28, 2011

4 thoughts on “…an “affectioned” love

  1. I witnessed first hand this “affection love” when I broke my ankle and leg in June. My Bible study sisters came to my aid and gave me support in care, food and company. Mark, my husband was helped by their care as he could go to work and not worry about me. It was an unconditional love that was immeasurable.


    • Hi Janet,
      Thanks for sharing that story. It is encouraging to know that the Christians lives we have chosen include this kind of love and compassion. It is our mutual love for Jesus that drives us. We are loved therefore we love. It is immeasurable and I pray you are healed. You are certainly blessed with a godly husband, family, and friends. My love to Mark and your family.

      Love in Christ,

      Rick 🙂


    • Hi again. Janet-I felt my response to you was very ‘devotional’ cuz…Always knoiw I am truly blessed that we are Christians together and will know each other from when I was a little guy all the way eternal! love ya cousin



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