…demystifying our God

Polycarp 8:2
Let us therefore become imitators of His endurance; and if we should
suffer for His name's sake, let us glorify Him. For He gave this
example to us in His own person, and we believed this.

As we follow the Christian path, we seek the way through concise focus on our Father in heaven. How do we know Him and what is the method to seek Him?

God, in His utmost love for us, relieved the mystery and bewilderment of a lack of an understandable personality by sending His only Son to the world so that there is a tangent between the Utmost Being who is God, and God as man in the flesh bearing completion, perfection who we can touch, hear, see….

There is no longer just an invisible God available for us to bear our burdens that we pour onto Him in our prayers; but, rather, a man – Jesus – whose burden is light and will lovingly accept these burdens. We are on our knees asking Him to intercede in our lives because we ache for ourselves, we ache for others we know, and we ache for a tired and dying world. We are imitators of Jesus and we need not go further that His very words imploring us to seek the kingdom of God, walk a straight path, and be not anxious but courageous – girded in the armor of God.

We seek endurance because as followers of our personal God, we understand and have sympathy for His endurance. His death, and His blood spilled is our path to purity. In our imitation of the Living God, we know endurance.

In our endurance through our lives and in our trials that come and go, we are eager to glorify His name. For we have a path and a direction and a goal. We have hope because God gave us hope in Jesus. For this we are joyous and thankful. We seek His counsel, on our knees to an invisible God, but through a very real and relevant Intercessor in Jesus Christ. Jesus is Love and Jesus is God.

We have example and through this example we walk. The world around us shall see the Living God, therefore, He shall constantly walk in the world apparent through our bodies: the once empty vessels now filled. We believe this and we imitate Jesus because God has a perfect plan and we are commissioned to live within this plan. He loves, we love, and all in the world without Him shall remained mystified until they succumb  and see for themselves that Jesus died for our sins and gives us the example to live and love to completely – connecting with all persons in love. We can do this.


October 2011

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