Our Fruitful Walk

“…that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;…”

Colossians 1:10

There is a path I walk upon. It is a path set before me by God, Himself. It is a place where I may feel purpose in life, see a greater calling to my life, and feel  a closer connection with God and Man. This path began with my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Savior. He is my Lord. Through His blood, my burdens may be lifted off my shoulders; my guilt may evaporate in the Cloud of His spirit; my heart may be purified and refined. For I am not owner of this body anymore. I am His.

Artist: Laure Freudenberger-Carlisle

I seek worthiness in His sight. Even as He always loves me, there is expectation that I must see and hear what He tells me. It is how I grow closer to Him.  He tells me to walk upright with the virtue of one who has accepted a gift so great in Jesus. My worthiness is in this knowledge and acceptance. I see my past, I see a place where I changed, I see my current life. There is an elevation change. Where I am now is much more preferable than where I was. My acceptance of Jesus is pure, sincere, and with passion. There is no compromise, rationalization, or human reason that causes me to stray from His way. He is truth. I know this truth, as it is dwells within me: the Truth, the Spirit, God Himself. Acknowledge this truth and walk a worthy walk.

I listen, I hear, I respond. In our response comes fruit. We are a branch that is pruned in the early hours of springtime, parting with branches that point inward, downward: withered. We are the branch that points to heaven. “Always prune just above the second bud“, my papa said as he taught me how to prune a grapevine when I was young. Those buds burst to leaves and then there is the fruit born with focused nourishment because it grows on a branch set apart, others pruned and gone, drawing from water of life deep in the roots. I am a branch set apart. I am sanctified in Jesus Christ, the Living water. Therefore, my walk is fruitful. I build on God’s word. Worthiness to fruitfulness.

I walk a path that  is pleasing to God and in that process, I see things change in my life! O how things change. As I mature  in Jesus, God is refining me daily. I can count on it for He is faithful. It hurts sometimes. But Jesus died! He died to give me this opportunity to walk on God’s greener grass. One drop of His blood purifies. Am I just walking through a life and learning a higher moral value? Well yes, that is part of it. Good morals and good people. Is “good” good enough? I focus above good to perfection. Jesus is perfect. I know this because God told me. I learn God’s nature as I learn perfection is a focal point personified in Jesus Christ. I look, you look, we all see Him. His heart smiles, I grow in wisdom and in fruitfulness.

I can withstand all hurting because I am assured God is working. What joy to know He cares about me! You and I.  The pain is really my feeling the hands of the Potter stretching, kneading, molding…I change. Then I encourage change through the very emanation of what I store within. His light that is within because the molding process shines a light deep into my heart and soul, seeking. “Found one!” I remember a grudge, an obstacle that hinders His work . Finding, acknowledging, releasing. Grudge is placed upon the shoulder of my Savior.  In pottery it is a bubble in the clay. Clay does not fire well in a kiln with that bubble. In pruning, it is the uncut withered branch. Fruit does not grow plump and sweet from a withered branch. The refining process bring us closer to God.

As I walk in worthiness, I feel the pinch of His pruning. “Two buds”! Thanks, papa. Thanks, Abba. True knowledge in You grows.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

March 24, 2012

for catherine f. who taught me to own what i write. I happily own this.

4 thoughts on “Our Fruitful Walk

  1. Holly and Catherine. Wonderful sisters in Christ. Your words of encouragement mean so much to me. I am so blessed in this fellowship.


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