In One Hand Eternity

The Hand of God

The Hand of God

7 The works of His hands are verity and justice;

All His precepts are sure.

Psalm 111 (NKJV)

Our hope thus lies herein.

We are from the dust in flesh but in our soul, God’s breath.[a] In His Spirit our soul comes alive as a perfect image. We are Adam first and perfect. We are Mankind, a pleasing sight to God. There is a path which has a beginning for the baby knit in our mother’s womb by the very same Father of Adam. We come into a world a blessing but into sin without choice because Adam did not listen. The deception of the enemy placed man in a moral bind. But, O how the beauty of grace interrupts a spiraling history.

Man tries so very hard to find truth. He is very convincing but in reality, the strength of man’s intelligence is in the shadow of deception that pervades all the world. Yes, God breathed life into man’s soul for he is God’s creation; but, he does not return to be God’s child until he uses the very same free will that breached the friendship between God and Man from the beginning. Our choice is to choose He born of Grace, personified Love, God as Flesh: From heaven there is One who shall grow in the womb of the mother for all history. He comes to earth and is Flesh and God [b]. He is Jesus, the second Adam. God gave Jesus a Bride and it is we who now follow Him.

With this choice to follow, a work of no small magnitude has begun. Remember we made a choice to return and it was not a small choice. We chose to become a child of God and our steps were made straight, our sight lit with eternal Light, our determination sure.

From the dust there comes a man,
Into his soul God breathes.
It is the first Adam who walks away,
A choice with certainty deceives.
This a beginning of a broken heart,
A teardrop upon Mankind,
But God knows man and all time,
shall not remain apart.
Jesus is the second Adam,
Perfect Word with Man.
He holds in one hand eternity,
The other mine as sure as God planned.

Jesus came and I followed. Now the full realization of who God is begins settling into a troubled soul. My soul is troubled because God’s broken heart resonates through the generations. The two reconcile through Jesus. He stands with one hand  in heaven and the other holding mine. I am a friend of God.

Now I see that God is my stability and He is my strength. I draw my being from He who is sure. What I utter now has basis in truth. I am the work of His hands, we believers all are, and I have placed my life in truth, justice, and sureness of direction.

So, as God does, we can be sure He does in truth and justice. It is unwavering faith grounded on the very basis of all creation. What God creates and says, are meaningful and sure. He is our safety, our voice.

O the example of praise David shows us in his psalm. He was anointed for greatness and we the same. Yes we are anointed for greatness too because all God creates is in truth and justice. Each of us on a unique journey – forging forward, crossing paths, seeking truth, ending: then some meeting again.

Steeped in these terms come forth our integrity. By His hands we exude integrity. What is made in truth surely emanates truth. What we read and hear penned in Divine breath, surely emanates from our heart to the ears of others. We are integrated with the Master of all creation and radiate His glory.

Rick Stassi

December 31, 2012

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