We are Ready

The time is now to seek with willing heart.

His breath of Mercy and Love.

We live fully a life apart,

He leads us from above.

We are obedient, eager, and passionate,

Seeing His mystery revealed each day.

Stepping with an imparted, discerned gait.

Speaking in a spiritually fervent way.

Let the unsure be bold.

All who seek will find.

Trusting we are in His fold.

Our petitions come forth to bind.

We take a moment to listen, another, to do.

We know this cycle sure.

Asking, listening, responding, thanking – true

Our prayers through Living Water pure.

Father we ask through He Who Mediates for us in our place,

We are sanctified through the blood of the Son.

We are reconciled through Your grace,

To Your welcoming arms we run.

The Time is Now to embrace our blessed lives rife with spiritual beauty.

We are here for You , Lord. We are ready.



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