at river’s edge


“The Banks of the River Epte at Giverny” Monet

At river’s edge we sat and wept.
The river is life! Yet so many slept.
Restless hearts hate the choices availed,
Against God’s wisdom, man’s reason paled.

At river’s edge we sat and wept.
Infinite midday yet in darkness crept.
Youth is a time, when time seems everlasting.
But soon ebbing light makes shadows long casting.

At river’s edge we sat and we sang.
For eternal life sates endless heart-felt pang.
And flowing inside we know of true life,
Long passed the pain of stubborn, piercing strife.

At river’s edge we sat and prayed,
For a decision for God is a true decision made.
And as selfish reason was our stronghold for a day,
We now see no reason for further delay.

So at the river, we drink of His word.
Afterall, it is we who have heard.
And all the way God holds us near,
We weep for the lost, but rejoice in a tear.

Psalm 137:1

5 thoughts on “at river’s edge

  1. Rick, one, once I saw the image I had to read on, it’s a truly beautiful scene. Your poem my friend is beautifully written and both left me with lasting smiles. You delivered a gem…it is nice to feel their spiritual embrace. Awesome! Have a wonderful and blessed week ahead my brother!


  2. Awesomely beautiful! I caught snatches of your poem first before I saw the picture! Both made me want to see more! This is inspiring! Keep on sharing God’s Word and when you put His Message into your own heart’s word you Praise and Bless Our Creator! He delights when His Children use the talents He has bestowed on them! May Yeshua send Rains of abundance in your life! Blessings and love in Christ Jesus, Bernadette.


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