so lovely this time

"Seascape" Artist:  Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Sweet is this moment,
This moment right now
Walking on stretches of sand.
Sea lapping at bare feet in biting mist –
Hands, clasped, unified spirits
Beautifying moments like these, these moments unplanned.

Without looking to see you, nor breaking my gaze
From lost horizons I hear each of your words
That pour from your heart.
They scatter like birds taking flight
But then light on one point inside me
Where there is peace that shan’t part.

Love’s fragrance abounds
In the air that I breathe
Dispelling conviction on melody anew.
With affection waxing, the sea swallows the sun,
So lovely this time, minutes eternal, surreal,
All else really means nothing, as everything is you.


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