tell me


“A Flower…or two”
Artist: me

The temporal darkness raises fears –
Fears developed over time
Always rearing their ugly shadows
Catching me off guard often
When I least expect them.
Even set upon such solid footing
I can still slip.
But I should give myself a break…
I won’t fall. I just won’t. I can’t.
For strength is expected … from a horizontal perspective,
But weakness accepted from the vertical – no, surrounding watchful eyes.
So easily forgotten the peace inside – yesterday.
Today, now enveloped in darkness
I seek to hide. But where?
But how does one run from one’s self?
Run and leap into the sea lest I get wet from the rain?

That is me.
I cannot see the forest
’cause the trees, sometimes, distract.
Trite yes, but no less true.
Yet raging water greater than me.
joined with peaceful calm at full avail…
Moon draws tides as my darkness wanes.
Once again I hear your voice.
I don’t always listen –
I ebb and flow…

Just hold my hand and tell me it is alright


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