Artist: Claudiu Presecan

Artist: Claudiu Presecan

the swallow dips for one
fresh drink upon the glass surface
of a lake
disrupting an all-azure reflection
with determined ripples
on this clear day
when thoughts stray
on an infinite line
pausing to take a rest
without veering – knowing
no left or right –
to join as one with a point
on a sphere’s circumference
prior to heading to ever distant
and far away dreamland.
This moment in time
perfectly touching heaven
at one point
Divinely ordained for you and I
to meet unplanned and unexplained
to walk together in each other’s life
and share dreams and wonders
with soulful wisdom
and heartfelt love
in light beyond
what we could muster
on our own.
This now is our time
to see the ladder
dreamed by Jacob
given by God
Jesus our Bridge
so not to have blind faith
but to see God
and know God.
This time, our time,
at the intersection
of heaven and earth.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

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